Environmental policies

We use environmentally friendly paper and board which is taken from sustainable forests. We will gladly recommend recyclable papers and board if the customer requests them as an alternative.

Hill and Garwood Printing Ltd have a commitment to environmental management as an integral part of its business. To this end the company is committed to:

Complying with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice and will fully co-operate with all regulatory authorities

Setting objectives for continuous improvement and pollution prevention, thereby reducing the environmental impact of the Company’s operations

Implementing and monitoring our FSC® and PEFC certification

Monitoring key elements of environmental performance and progress against the objectives set out in the ISO 14001 standard

Continually seeking to improve our environmental performance and also our suppliers where it is reasonably practical and economical to do so

Using these policies to form the basis of a documented management system endorsed by the Managing Director

Understanding the environmental issues arising from our business activities amongst our employees and allocating responsibilities to meet with our environmental objectives

Maintaining an Environmental Committee, to consist of the Managing Director and the Production Manager as a minimum

The Environmental Committee making regular reports and reviewing this policy on an annual basis

Making this policy available to the general public on request

Using new technology to help reduce our consumption of chemical products and consequently reduce our chemical and commercial waste

Ensuring all waste including paper, board, metal, chemical waste products, ink containers, blankets, waste pallets and plastics being collected by a registered Waste/Recycling company with certification as proof

Our landfill waste being kept to a minimum by using segregating waste bins

Constantly reviewing our distribution methods to maintain the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly routes for deliveries. Where possible, we use an overnight courier service, consolidating on individual deliveries, particularly over longer distances, therefore reducing our transport carbon footprint