About us

The day-to-day running of Hill and Garwood has been passed over to Clive Hill, son of co-founder John, with both founders still involved on a regular basis. The standards set out from inception are still adhered to today and the results are there for all to see.

Our first premises found us in north London and was home for the first 10 years. We then re-located to Wembley before the opportunity  to move to our current freehold location in Watford in 1985. Our state-of-the-art factory boasts over 16,000 sq ft and clients are always encouraged to visit us for a tour or request a visit from one of our sales team.

Hill and Garwood pride themselves on the quality of their print and to this end we operate a strict quality management programme, ISO 9001 implemented by Lloyds register, widely acknowledged as one of the most stringent ISO Authorities. Clients can also rest assured that they’ll have their own personal contact within Hill and Garwood to maintain continuity and knowledge of each clients requirements.